One may wonder what Crystal Healing Therapy is? How do you do it? What does it feel like? What kind of Crystals does one use? And finally, Does it work? 

               As a Healer myself I use a few different forms of healing techniques and often varies according to the type of client and session I will be having. There are even times that I may combine two formalities at the same time or more. The central importance of any Healing Session is always the intention, and how it is applied.  I must admit one of my top favorite modalities is Crystal Healing Therapy. And many many times I will combine Reiki into all my Crystal Healing Therapy Sessions or Visa Versa.

             These precious Minerals are a vast part of the planetary transformation, in which we all are a part of. Our Earth gives birth to these rich exquisitely colored minerals, which are filled with divine knowledge that can help us in all Healing aspects and in advancing our consciousness. These teachings are available for everyone and can be applied to anyone, especially one who is intuitively drawn to these precious gems. One thing must be clear to all intentions have to be humanitarian-ly pure. 

Crystal Healing Therapy is a form of Vibrational Medicine. Crystal Healing therapy is laying on the crystals and gemstones to promote healing where is needed. These precious gemstones carry spiritual healing properties that can be acquired to each user in many different ways. 

There are various ways that healers use Crystals in sessions. Placing stones on their clients while lying down to balance the chakras, the aura, maybe even to combat various ailments or discomfort in the body.

Everyone's experience is slightly unique; in general, the feeling is always comforting, and a sense of warmth, allowing you to feel extremely relaxed physically and internally. Every gem has its own unique talent, color, shape, and texture with each their own special meaning.

                 Wondering Does, it work? 

I invite you all to please book a complimentary 30 min healing sessions here at House of Skye-Yoga, and I can assure you, you will wonder no more.