Pilates Tower Reformer • Private or Semi Group



Pilates Is an effective way to learn about your body....after all, they call it intelligent exercise. Student will learn body awareness; not just in the classroom but outside in your everyday life.  It changes ones shape rapidly, while training your mind to recognize and improve body symmetry and coordination.  In this class we will alternate between the use of Pilates rings, flex bands and weighted balls.. 

Prenatal Pilates This is an excellent and safe way to stay healthy during pregnancy, helping you to maintain your strength and flexibility.  This class was designed for every level and stage of pregnancy. Students learn breathing techniques that will help you with labor and teach you to keep the pelvic floor muscles strong.  We help you to understand core strength so when pushing during labor.  Prenatal Pilates has also been sited to help in the prevention of diastsis. The best part of the class is that mother-to-be will work on the rest part of your body as well.  Bring yourself and your belly to the care of Skye -yoga studio!