Aragonite is said to Dissipate Anger and old hurts, putting one at ease. It is a stone that helps to ground other crystals; imagine the effects on oneself. It helps to provide one with patience when one is accepting of their life's responsibilities, thus allowing them to be comfortable in taking reliability and practicality. 
Aragonite promotes focus and concentration for those who chose to mediate with this stone it can be helpful for students. 
It will offer generosity and sensitivity.
It can help to speed up the recovery of broken bones and nerve damage. Its vibrational grounding energies help to alleviate any stress and nerve problems. Sometimes this can lead to restlessness, twitching or spasms while sleeping or at rest. 
Sleep with Aragonite under the pillow for insomnia. Used for the absorption of calcium in the skeletal.As a Healer myself I use this stone for combating chills and bring warmth to the extremities. It may be used as an elixir. It works almost immediately when placed topically on the affected area. This tonic may also be used for aches and pains. Even know for providing Vitamine A and D when there is a deficiency. 
       Aragonite is usually used to ground the Root Sacral and Crown chakras.
       Its vibrational number is the number 9
       Resonates well with the sign of Capricorn. 
       Can be found in Namibia Morocco and Spain

it's known for being used as a  stone of strength

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