The Desert Rose comes from Morocco. This gorgeous stone can sometimes be called the Sand Rose, Selenite Rose, Gypsum Rose or Alabaster. Its formation is similar to the pearl; as when any sand particles become embedded in it; I begin to form rosette-like concretions. They are found in the arid part of the desert region, hence their name. 
          Each Desert Rose contains its own spirit guardian. Each guardian is different. They are accommodating when used as protective talismans and in Helping increase your self-confidence and self-worth. This mineral helps one mold their character towards their most optimum level of growth and improvements throughout their lives. Any type of stagnation is prohibited, and the progression of strength and growth are applied. It also helps one to practice the art of self-discipline and to contain themselves when " things are going to fast. " 
This stone is exceptionally suitable for children/teens. Especially helpful for one who is shy or timid. 
            It is considered a " lucky stone " to the aborigines as they used it in ceremonies for acquiring rain; 'rainmaking ceremonies," by throwing stones in the air. 
       Healers including myself use this stone in the treatment of many phobias including claustrophobia.
      Another common ailment its useful for is helping those who find themselves with travel sickness, viral infections, and nausea.
      Also used in disorders associated with the prostate.
      An elixir can be applied internally and externally when used for promoting and enhancing the elasticity in the skin and tissue.
      Vibrates to the number 2
      Aries benefit from the usage of this precious gem. 

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