Rose Quartz is one of the most known to all, and the most used of crystals. Although it does have a high energy, its vibe is oh; so very calming, and soothing. This lovely mineral permeates on the highest level of all types of Love including self-love. 
The soothing energy of Rose Quartz resonates with each individual starting from the soft tones in pink, that can melt anyone's heart with just gazing upon it.  
A stone this powerful can help one be conscious and aware of Empathy, reconciliation, and forgiveness of others. 
Lowering the levels of stress and tension in the heart area. It is especially beneficial when one is explicitly working on the heart chakra. This assists one in the opening of that energy center and reduces stress. Helps to clear out feelings of anger, and jealousy, even resentment of others. 
Providing the message that there is no need to haste under any circumstances, bringing calmness and clarity to every situation. It helps in restoring the mind back to harmony. 
Known as the stone of romance. Rose Quartz is often used by many to attract love in one's life. Just place a Rose Quartz on your table beside your bed, or in the relationship corner (Feng Shui) of a room or home to attract new love. You can even use it if it's just to add trust and re-commitment to existing relationships. It adds a loving energy to all relationships, bringing to it calm and peace that we all need. 
 Also helps one to release unexpressed feelings about others.
     It is used to heal with issues of the heart lungs and thymus. 
This mighty mineral is known to help with and heal breast cancer.
  Also used in assisting with the enhancement of a more youthful complexion.
 Known for Aiding the circulatory system of the heart,  the adrenal glands, the spleen and or kidney ailments.
 Healers including myself use it on clients for alleviating vertigo, asthma and varicose veins.
 It helps ease problems with sexual frustration and balance one's sex drive.
When using in the treatment of the physical body, this helps with emotional wounds. 
Placing this beautiful crystal in your environment permeates Love in the Air. 
In an Elixir or wearing it stimulates the pure life force of Love. 
Vibrates to the number 7
Resonates well with Libra and Taurus
Comes from Brazil, India, Madagascar

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