One of the easiest way to earn money has always been the Restaurant Industry. Also, one of the hardest to turn away from. Working for the restaurant industry is not for everyone. Most consider it to be just a side gig, when in fact It can be a career for many and a lifestyle for the rest. Both owners and employees deal with the long hours, high turnover, and juggling work while attending school. 
      Expecting and knowing that every day is going to be different; starting from the most popular dish to be 86 (out of), perhaps the kitchen was backed up, the food runner calls out sick, the busser is stuck in traffic, or your one waiter short. Although all of these things can be bothersome, you must remember to give thanks you are not in a place you would desire even less.
      With 12 years of experience in the restaurant industry myself, I can recall almost everyone on staff complaining about their aches and pains while working on their shifts. Remembering almost everyone did nothing for their symptoms, as far as a long-term solution is concerned. Leaning towards Advil, alcohol, or some off the counter pain reliever for immediate gratification. Through my observations, the results were always the same sluggish body and non-coordinate movements that make it difficult to work together as a team, not to mention how much physical discomfort can disrupt any person's mood. Self-care has always been one of the most important practices we all need to integrate into our daily lives, and probably the most challenging for most. 
         All of this being said there are also many benefits and beautiful things included that should be mentioned. The restaurant offers every day new people where you become apart of a new chapter in their book, always new challenges and obstacles to conquer, and plenty of opportunities for creativity and improvement.  
     Getting to be a part of a team is not easy to accomplish with all the different personalities, but when all have the same goal, it is the only way a restaurant can run smoothly. If and when this is accomplished it sets a particular stage that most customers love being a part of its as if their experience becomes part of the show. 
          Having all of this in mind Developing a self-care package for those who are in the Restaurant industry was a project that needed completion. The Restaurant Industry Self Care Package is provided only here at the House Of Skye-Yoga. ThePackage will consist of not only a therapeutic massage supplied at our studio, but you will also gain the necessary knowledge of basic functional movements to help improve one's performance with comfort and ease while on their feet for long stretches at a time. 
 Here is a list of benefits that are provided for you when you apply the act of Self-Care
       1. Understanding the Importance of Prevention, and how to apply it. 
 It is common knowledge to all these days that a healthy diet and exercising can assist in the prevention of Heart Disease. It is hardly ever mentioned that massage is a preventative too. Getting massages on a regular basis can prevent minor skeletomuscular injuries from becoming major problems that can only lead to the loss of flexibility and mobility as we continue to age. Most Massage Therapeutics are known to work and lengthen muscles that keep shortening. As your gonna consider the amount spent on a massage  try to remember the amount one can spend on prescription drugs, doctor visits, surgeries and physical therapy. 
        2. Incorporating or Enhancing your Physical Fitness Regimen
 Having more energy, feeling physically empowered, centered and focused should be everyone's goal. Regardless of the exact position that you work in; everybody benefits from targeting specific trouble making areas in the body.  For example, Spinal extensions (backbending positions are specifically beneficial for Waitstaff and Bartenders; they seem to be always looking down at patrons) Hamstring stretches, Hip Opener stretches, Shoulder Stretches and strengthening tips, etc. Massage Therapeutics may be the modality that is needed to be incorporated as it helps to enhance the goals of your new fitness regimen. Noticing that specific movements may have seemed impossible are now all within your reach.  
     3. Breathing is NOT OVERRATED
        Many people take breathing for granted not understanding the true depths of its significance and how to utilize each inhalation and exhalation properly. Other than just keeping us alive; everyone needs to know that proper breathing techniques can pretty much help us to overcome many if not all of our daily challenges and creating a connection to that inner self. 
Most people say that trying to relax say this is their biggest obstacle. 
Incorporating The Restaurant Industry Self care Package for your Regimen is beneficial to all who find it difficult to relax. The Practitioner will be using techniques that act on the muscular system,  an overly stimulated nervous and circulatory systems helping the heart rate to slow down, allowing the client to deepen their breath. This always results in keeping your mind, body, and spirit in a relaxed state for a more extended period avoiding the side effects of stress heart disease high blood pressure and tension headaches.
        4. Keeping and Maintaining a Positive Mood
 Movement without feeling pain in or on your body can put add a skip to your step. This is something that you will undoubtedly experience when you commit to giving your body a massage and the proper release it needs. It is a fact that any choice of Massage Therapeutics can turn one's mood into a positive one. In addition to light-stepping and skipping you will physically feel a particular lift for once where there was chronic pain and discomfort you would notice it has lessened or eliminated. A Massage releases endorphins into the bloodstream allowing for this " light, elevated " feeling. These amino acids act as the bodies natural painkiller and are the leading cause of this general feeling of well being. Massage Therapeutics is a highly effective remedy for depression and anxiety. 
         5. If it Feels Good Then You Know its Good For You
Finally understanding and accepting that any Massage Therapeutic is one of the healthiest ways you can treat yourself physically to a pleasurable experience that is beneficial to you and your health. 

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