Placing Shungite in your water Can have the ability to clean your water from almost all organic compounds including pesticides, metals, bacteria and harmful microorganisms is the way to go when you're on a budget. 
There is a Lake in Russia Called Onega that has the best drinking water the does not need to be cleaned because of the interaction it has had thousands of years with this Rock " Crystal " Formation that looks very similar to coal This Place was discovered in 1985 it is a special type of molecular form of carbon and only found in one place in the entire world the Republic of Russia in Karelia. Estimated about 2 billion years old; found in the ancient layers of the Earths Crust that was formed before any life form existed on earth. Having many healing properties, it is called the "stone of life." many Uses of Shungite used in homes to create the environment of a healing spa is to just directly place it in a bowl of water somewhere in the center of your Home cleansing its energy. Being also the stone of rejuvenation. Promoting growth in living organisms, inducing recovery, purifying and protecting from harmful electromagnetic radiation from computers, microwave ovens, Tv Sets, Mobile phones, etc. Having strong antibacterial abilities. Enriches water with potassium removing its heavy metals. Shungite cleans water of Chlorine Compounds, nitrates, copper magnesium, iron, cleans up the water visually, eliminates sour taste. Not only does the water become clean and biologically active it also becomes a colloidal solution hydrated with fullerenes and ready for internal and external use.  An example is the antihistaminic effect of shungite in water. Once you begin to use Shungite water, you will start to notice a dramatic decrease of Histamine in the Bloodstream which corresponds with the alleviation of allergic response. Shungite is used to treating a tremendous significant number of diseases. Its regenerative properties relieve headaches, backaches, rheumatism, normalizes sleep, stabilizes blood pressure, and clears respiratory tracts.      
       Many skin diseases are treated with Shungite Water. Starting with smoothing wrinkles. Externally daily use of Shungite water to wash your face or body improving and restoring your skin's elasticity, giving it a healthy look. Also, helping the drinker to get rid of Acne, Skin Redness and other skin problems. Shungite water helps with hair loss. It strengthens hair roots and heals the scalp.
As a Healer, myself I use Shungite to alleviate a wide variety of physical complaints such as heart difficulty, allergies, skin diseases, arthritis, hair and skin rejuvenation. 
Below is a link for you to purchase and own your own Shungite Precious Stones.