This is a grounding stone that will help one with their meditation practice and spiritual explorations. Stimulating the crown and clearing all chakras. Enhancing your psychic abilities that assist one to understand the spiritual basis of life.
   This precious Gem helps to enhance forgiveness and compassion for others and yourself. 
Assisting one to take total control of their lives and guiding you in the proper direction so that healing can occur in any problem area. Clearing all of your emotional Lugagge. 
  While in a healing treatment if the healer places it on the throat area it is said the stone encourages to view your life helping one to be able to speak about it. 
It is an excellent stone that cleanses; detoxifies the blood and the body. Quiet known for aiding longevity.
 Eliminating al parasites and in the absorption of calcium and magnesium.  Hypoglycemia and diabetes are treated with this stone. Helping with the relief of Muscle pain. 
Vibrates to the number 8
works well with the astrological sign of Gemini.

Below is a link to purchase a Reiki blessed serpentine