This precious stone comes in various shades of green. However, the highest vibrating frequency is usually found in the most profound darkest of green. 
 Widely known to Attract luck, success, abundance, and prosperity. Inspiring creativity and used in one's assistance to project, create and manifest their goals. As a stone of energy and stamina, it is excellent for people who play sports, are competitive athletes, or just anyone that is occupied where rigorous activity is required. It is also used in the treatment of motion sickness. Also known for restoring lushness and shine to one's nails and hair. 
In the entertainment industry, these stones are valued and used as a conduit for electrical tuning circuits. They assist in conducting television and radio frequencies. They condone and are used for their durability when high frequencies pass through them without cracking breaking or shattering, as many others do. 
This fantastic gem assists in overcoming emotional problems associated with a father figure or other male forces in one's life, and is exceptionally beneficial for hyperactive children. 
 Diminishes fear and may be useful for cases of paranoia. Helps overcome dyslexia by improving eye/hand coordination and the translation of coded information.  
Quite soothing for a good night sleep as it helps in quieting the mind. 
Some have used this in the treatment of claustrophobia and panic attacks.  
 Exceptional Mineral for those interested in the plant kingdom and Herbalism as it supports the study and practice of herbalism. Conducive to healing plants and helping gardens flourish. Many say it is a gateway to the devic realm providing a beneficial influence on all the things that grow and live. Used by many including myself in Meditation or to commune with Nature Spirits and or to physically connect with the spirits of plants and animals. 
The Heart Chakra opens, and it stimulates resonance with Divine Love. A powerful tool for vibrationally healing the heart. 
  It stimulates healthy cellular function and regeneration. Always a first choice when treating etherically cancers or any other unhealthy cell-growth imbalances. 
This Tourmaline strengthens the nervous system and is beneficial to the thymus, eyes, the immune system, and glands. 
 Used by many as a detoxifier and for treating the intestines and chronic bowel diseases, and can be useful in weight loss.

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