Mostly everyone that wears Mala Beads either around their necks or around their wrist as an accessory, look really stylish but sadly many do not know how to use them. Using them in your Medition is just as easy as wearing them and can be fun too.      

            Malas are usually made from many different materials that have their own unique meanings, for example, Sandalwood represents a scent that arises from within during the depth of meditation, by smelling this scent it is said to induce a calming affect.Tulsi ( basil wood ) wonderful in relieving symptoms of depression, Rudraksha seeds which are said to those who wear it not to drink alcohol, do drugs, swear, lie, eat meat, or involve themselves in sexual intercourse. If one wishes to act in these ways it is advised to remove the Rudraksha from the neck.They can even be made of Gemstones that can match a specific intention in your Meditation practice. All of these properties affect the practitioner's subconscious mind on deep levels. 

                 Using Mala Beads in your Meditation can be considered an active Meditation in itself by many but for the active users, it's simply an aid in the counting process. Mala Beads are usually a strand of 108 beads used for keeping count during Mantra Meditation. Malas can also be made up of 21 beads or 27 beads for shorter Meditations.Malas are also referred to as Mala beads, Buddhist Prayer Beads or Buddhist beads.

       ~~~~~~~~~  Here is a simple guide to assist you in beginning your practice ~~~~~~~~~

        Begin by hanging the first Mala bead gently on the middle or ring finger of your right hand, Place your thumb on the guru bead and begin reciting your Mantra. At the end of the Mantra push the Mala bead away with your thumb and move onto the next bead for another round, then continue your Mantra until you reach a count of 7, 21, 27, or 108. For those who wish to do the second round, do not skip over the guru bead,  Instead, turn the Mala around and continue to move in the opposite direction.

Namaste <3