Skye-Yoga Fit is an aerial yoga class that combines yoga on and off the mat with a bit of aerial dance and various fitness moves to strengthen, tone and build confidence on all levels while using the aerial silk hammock. Come experience the art of yoga and dance while flying and feel the challenge that will get your heart rate pumping and your heart smiling.


Vinyasa Yoga Derived from Hatha yoga, this yoga practice is a series of Asanas (postures) and breath combinations as the flows from one posture to another .  The flow can be fast paced or slow depending on the level of the student.  Generally speaking, upward movements correlate with inhaling, while downward movements with exhaling.  The continuous movement from one asana to another help to elevate the heart rate which give you cardiovascular benefits which more traditional forms do not have . The literal meaning of Vinyasa is "variations within parameters".   This philosophy allows each instructor to bring there skills to their students and guide there bodies to feel free of restriction. 

Pilates Mat w Balls

Pilates Mat  with a weighted Ball is yet another fun apparatus with many more options of exercises to choose from . The Ball can be weighted anywhere from 1 lb-5lb . In our class we provide a 1 pound ball to do the many exercises you already know ,  challenging  your mind and body in a different way

 Balls will be provided in class

Kundalini Meditation 

All Meditations include Pranayama Exercises, which can be cleansing and uplifting to begin your day. Come awaken the serpent that is sleeping within each and every one of us watch yourself and your life slowly transform, from where you want it to be, to WHERE YOU NEED TO BE. Kundalini meditation is a sure way to balance all your chakras, where stability of the senses and emotions can be sustained. 

Are you willing and Ready to go deeper and further within yourself? 


Prenatal Yoga Is yet another way to stay healthy and in shape safely, with no impact on the joints .  This class will help you to breath deeply which also will be useful during labor. Yogic breathing technique has been proven to help the body deal with stress by lowering the heart rate and lowering blood pressure. They say " When a pregnant Woman feels inner clarity , her confidence grows . When she feels peaceful her anxiety about the birthing process decreases. Above all taking a prenatal yoga class allows you to meet other pregnant woman and become apart of a community :-) ...Skye-Yoga community 


Baby and Me Yoga  Since  you spent nine months preparing for labor and making a connection with your little bundle of joy , the next step is to connect with your baby one on one and spiritually . In this class it is best to start as early as possible for the simple reason of learning how to gently soothe your baby with Mommies touch in a calm atmosphere . You will learn to do exercises that will develop your own strength as your baby grows and mommies will master massage techniques for your new born that can help your baby if he or she is colicky.  Mommy and Me Yoga is also a great way to socialize with other moms and babies in class.


Partner Yoga Here at Skye-Yoga we developed partner yoga for those who want to reconnect with there partners or just simply go to a deeper level and have some fun while doing it.  In this classyou and your partner will belearning to safely combine asanas yoga and effectively perform the art of balancing, resisting, sitting still, eye gazing, trust, healing touch and METTA touch (loving touch. This class always ends in guided a therapeutic partners massage.



The Yoga wheel can be used in many different ways and offers a variety of benefits,  to various parts of your body, starting from the back/shoulder/chest opening and quad/hip flexor stretching. It can also be used as a balance-enhancer and a great assistant for making challenging backbends and arm balances more accessible.This class can take your practice to another level. 



RESTORE RENEW AND REVITALIZE :  This Restorative Yoga class was specifically designed for those who are stressed out, feeling anxious, and or just simply exhausted.In this one-hour session, the instructor will place you through various restorative yoga poses that are fully supported by yoga blankets, blocks,  bolsters, and chairs, alleviating the muscles in the body and helping you to promote physical relaxation.The healing practice of Reiki is applied for all purposes each and every individual may need. Breath awareness, and guided meditation assisting you to deepen your experience. The use of essential oils, gentle music, and candles to create the right ambiance, so when you close your eyes you can easily transcend Physically and mentally to that place outside of yourself away from yourself.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

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