Single class 25 $ 

class card of ten 250 $ *plus 1 free class




Skye-Yoga Aerial Yoga This class is a combination of classical yoga postures partially performed on a traditional yoga mat to help students stay grounded and partially done in what is called an aerial silk hammock ( Not made from actual not silk ). Each Skye -Yoga hammock is securely hung from the ceiling and able to hold the weight of up to 1000 pounds . Each class usually ends in a resting pose inside the hammock .  Skye-Yoga hammocks are available for purchase in our online shop for your home practice .

Vinyasa Yoga Derived from Hatha yoga, this yoga practice is a series of Asanas (postures) and breath combinations as the student flows from one posture to another .  The flow can be fast paced or slow depending on the level of the student.  Generally speaking, upward movements correlate with inhaling, while downward movements with exhaling.  The continuous movement from one asana to another help to elevate the heart rate which give you cardiovascular benefits which more traditional forms do not have . The literal meaning of Vinyasa is "variations within parameters".   This philosophy allows each instructor to bring there skills to their students and guide there bodies to feel free of restriction. 

Hot Yoga At Skye Yoga Studio our rooms will be heated up to 98degrees .The postures will always differ according to instructor . This class helps to detoxify the skin.  The heat allows the muscles in the body to relax a bit more while flowing into yoga postures more deeply and safely.   You WILL SWEAT in this class, so shedding some pounds is an added benefit.  Make sure you bring your bottle of water!!!  ( NOT BIKRAM YOGA ) 


Ten to Midnight Yoga  Tired of doing the same old thing on a Friday night ? Come try our ten to midnight yoga class with live music and a candlelit room . Guided asanas, guided visualizing, guided meditation is on the menu for this two hour class.  Our instructors will challenge you or sooth you its your choice.  Come take what you need and leave the rest behind . The atmosphere is very soothing.  There will be Hot herbal  tea and cookies provided. at the studio 

Prenatal Yoga Is yet another way to stay healthy and in shape safely, with no impact on the joints .  This class will help you to breath deeply which also will be useful during labor. Yogic breathing technique has been proven to help the body deal with stress by lowering the heart rate and lowering blood pressure. They say " When a pregnant Woman feels inner clarity , her confidence grows . When she feels peaceful her anxiety about the birthing process decreases . Above all taking a prenatal yoga class allows you to meet other pregnant woman and become apart of a community :-) ...Skye-Yoga community 

Baby and Me Yoga    Since  you spent nine months preparing for labor and making a connection with your little bundle of joy , the next step is to connect with your baby one on one and spiritually . In this class it is best to start as early as possible for the simple reason of learning how to gently soothe your baby with Mommies touch in a calm atmosphere . You will learn to do exercises that will develop your own strength as your baby grows and mommies will master massage techniques for your new born that can help your baby if he or she is colicky.   Mommy and Me Yoga is also a great way to socialize with other moms and babies in class.

Partner Yoga Here at Skye-Yoga we developed partner yoga for those who want to reconnect with there partners or just simply go to a deeper level and have some fun while doing it.  In this classyou and your partner will belearning to safely combine asanas yoga and effectively perform the art of balancing, resisting, sitting still, eye gazing, trust, healing touch and METTA touch (loving touch) . This class always ends in guided a therapeutic partners massage..


Acro Yoga Acro Yoga is the physical practice of yoga and acrobatics.  This is a fun class for all beginners and advance.  You can come with a partner or find one here at class. Enjoy an up beat and fun, safe environment.  All classes are performed in a trio so that one person is always spotting for safety.


PILATES tower reformer  ***private or semi group

 Private session 75 min -- 125 $    Ten Class Card  1 Free session 1,250 $


pilates Flex bands - pilates ball - and rings

Single Class 25 $ 

Class Card of ten 250 $ * 1 free session




Pilates Is an effective way to learn about your body....after all, they call it intelligent exercise. Student will learn body awareness; not just in the classroom but outside in your everyday life.  It changes ones shape rapidly, while training your mind to recognize and improve body symmetry and coordination.  In this class we will alternate between the use of Pilates rings, flex bands and weighted balls.. 

Prenatal Pilates This is an excellent and safe way to stay healthy during pregnancy, helping you to maintain your strength and flexibility.  This class was designed for every level and stage of pregnancy. Students learn breathing techniques that will help you with labor and teach you to keep the pelvic floor muscles strong.  We help you to understand core strength so when pushing during labor.  Prenatal Pilates has also been sited to help in the prevention of diastsis. The best part of the class is that mother-to-be will work on the rest part of your body as well.  Bring yourself and your belly to the care of Skye -yoga studio!