Reiki Level 2

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Reiki Level 2


Hours are 10 am  - 5 pm, which includes a lunch break.

You can stay in, or go to nearby Restaurants or Diners.

A Certificate is rewarded upon completion of the course. 

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Sharing of Reiki I experiences- Definition and meaning of symbols-Practice with symbols-Room preparation with symbols-Advanced Reiki Techniques-Level II attunement- explanation of client documentation- and practicing Reiki on others.
All students will receive certification upon completion of the class through Skye-Yoga

Prerequisite: Reiki Level 1

Duration:        1 Day

Reiki Level 2 prepares the student for the use of Reiki energy, for self 

and others benefit, to assist in relieving ailments utilizing Reiki 

symbols and special techniques. 


How to send Reiki at a distance, which can be used for past, present
and future issues

  • A guided relaxing meditation
  • Reiki Level 2 attunement, a special process that allows individual
    connectivity with the Reiki source using Reiki symbols
  • A review of 'Hayashi Healing Guide' and 'Japanese Reiki Techniques': 
    Gassho Meditation, Byosen Scanning, Kenyoku, Koki-ho, Jachi-Kiri-
    Joka-ho, Gyoshi-ho and Enkaku Chiryo
  • A demonstration and practice on How to utilize Dr. Usui's technique
    using the Three Pillars of Reiki
  • A demonstration and practice on How Reiki symbols facilitate to
    balance the chakras and harmonize the aura
  • A demonstration and practice on How to provide a complete Reiki
    session for self and others using Reiki symbols
  • Reiki hand positions to treat oneself and others
  • How to utilize Reiki 2 symbols with bio-energy
  • A Certificate of Achievement is issued after course completion

Level 1-2 are you usually given together as weekend course, but can be done separately to your convenience