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Yoga has existed for centuries and is a form of exercise that works the physical and mental aspects of the body, uniting the mind, body and spirit.

The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit word yoke "union" or "joining together".  Rig Veda founded yoga approximately 4,000 years ago and is the oldest written  text in the world.  Rig Veda means the "knowledge of praise" and is comprised of 1,028 songs.  These songs were passed down through oral traditions, such as story telling before the songs were written.  Indian scriptures written 3,000 years ago show yoga poses, and Hindu scriptures called the Vedas describe yoga in detail.  

SKYE YOGA STUDIO is a Yoga Studio  that is owned and operated by Certified Yoga Instructor, Adelaide Torres.  The studio is based in Yonkers, NY and has a strong following of students.

People practice Yoga for a variety of reasons.

Some people find Yoga to be a great way to begin their day with a clear mind and spirit or to unwind after a long day, while others find its regenerative benefits highly motivational and healing.  Those who practice Yoga on a regular basis, realize that they feel refreshed afterwards because Yoga is an excellent for people who need to need to maintain a balanced emotional state.  Yoga can be practiced in groups, at a gym or studio or in the comfort of your own home.  People in their 20s to 80s years old practice Yoga for its many benefits..







 I have a solid foundation in dance for over ten years and my love for healthy living , and freedom lead  me to become a Certified Personal Trainer, Spinning instructor and eventually to incoorporate  Yoga.  

 While taking Yoga classes, I  began to discover it's benefits and fell in love with the sense of peace  I felt when I listened to my instructor’s calming voice.  I wanted to share the sense of serenity I felt during  my Yoga classes with others so I enrolled in a 4 week, intensive teacher training program with  Lex Gillian at The Yoga Institute.  The course was given in a monastery which required long periods of silence as part of the training  , ( If you know me  you will know that this was quite the challenge ! ).  

 In 2000 , I  became a Certified Hatha Yoga instructor and immediately   began teaching and volunteering ,  in major Fitness Clubs all over New York City including Bally’s, Iowa Sports, The Gramercy Health Club, Elias Howe Middle School , the Fashion Institute of Technology ( F.I.T.) .NYU Downtown Medical Clinic (Classes for Medical Staff) . At the  Hebrew Home in Riverdale , I had  developed a class especially designed for seniors with dementia  , an aquatic program for the seniors that lived there and in the near community .

 My  presence in the fitness community allowed  me to expand again my knowledge that included  Pilates.  Pilates was  perfect  to include into my regimen which  would compliment all of my years of studying Dance and Movement , I felt that it was another outlet in which I could help my clients  transform their bodies quickly , and injury free . I incorporated  Pilates moves in most of my  classes at fitness clubs , which lead to private sessions , and the development of my private practice .

 In 2008 I discovered Zumba!  I am a highly  energetic , and enthusiastic instructor so Zumba was yet another  perfect fit for me to contribute into my love of fitness and dance.  After becoming certified, I began leading classes at  F . I . T. college , Borough of Manhattan Community College,   Bronx Senior Center, Riverdale Community Center,  Pelham Ballet Arts Center and Vladeck Hall.

 In 2012 I learned of another  discipline called Thai Yoga Massage in which the practitioner guides the client through a series of Yoga postures while palming and thumbing along the body’s energy (‘Sen’) lines and pressure points. Began my studies with  Lotus Palm in Montreal .  Thai Yoga Massage was yet another way I  could share the benefits and  the practice of Yoga.  During my studies, my teacher suggested that I consider studying the healing technique of Reiki.  And so I did .

 Reiki is a healing technique based on the principle that the healing therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body and restore physical and emotional well-being.  Reiki was life changing .  I was completely transformed after being initiated in Level I Reiki.  I immediately had a sense of ease and an overwhelming sense of healing. I began practicing Reiki three to six hours a day and meditating daily for over a year and a half in solitude . I  went on to continue my studies in Reiki and became a Reiki Master and subsequently a Karuna Reiki Master.   As a master, one is able to initiate others in the healing art of Reiki. It  also enabled me to strenghten and raise the healing vibration . I found that sharing my love of Reiki with others and being able to continue and pass along this gift is a miracle in itself and would be a part of my life always .

I  am , enthusiastic, energetic and committed Owner and instructor at SKYE-YOGA STUDIO.  I  always have  , and continue to  give my personal attention to my students so that they can evolve in ways they never thought would be possible.I  feel  I was meant to help and assist you in  your mind, your  body and spirit.  .


 SKYE-YOGA STUDIO offers a variety of classes  , and is currently working out of two studios . 

SKYE-YOGA STUDIO currently offers

  •  Hot Yoga
  • Skye-Yoga aerial Yoga
  • Midnight Yoga Classes w Live Music
  • Aerial Lyre
  • Karuna Reiki Healing , 
  • Reiki Workshops ,and Attunements 
  • Pilates Mat / Equipment 
  • Spinning
  • Boot Camp Workouts /. TRX 
  • Zumba , Zumba Toning 
  • Pre Natal Yoga / Pre Natal Pilates 
  • Thai Yoga Massage
  • Crystal Therapy , Deeksha Blessings , Tachyon Healing
  • Educational Workshops & Gatherings
  • Hot Yoga 
  • Partner Yoga
  • Mommy and ME


SKYE-YOGA also offers Aerial Teacher Training Program for those who wish to expand their interest in Aerial Yoga by teaching others..  

To learn more about this program please inquire with the staff at Skye-Yoga for upcoming training session dates.. 

— The Bhagavad Gita



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