Reiki Level 3(ART) Advanced Training

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Reiki Level 3(ART) Advanced Training


Hours are 10 am  - 5 pm, which includes a lunch break.

You can stay in, or go to nearby Restaurants or Diners.

A Certificate is rewarded upon completion of the course. 

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ADVANCED REIKI TRAINING - Each student is attuned to the Usui Master Symbol for Healing to become a Certified Advanced Reiki Practitioner. The use of a Crystal Grid for sending Reiki for distant healing, personal healing, and to affirm and manifest goals is taught. A Reiki Guide Meditation is led that invites one to see and talk with ones Reiki Guides. A Reiki Symbol Meditation is led which strengthens the mind and expands ones consciousness. Reiki Breath Work is taught which assists in removing negative psychic energy from oneself and others.

This course, a Reiki practitioner's third and necessary step toward becoming a Reiki Master Teacher, offers a powerful symbol and advanced techniques for the use of Reiki energy.  Time and again, students have reported marvelous results utilizing the methods learned within this one-day class.

 Prerequisite  Reiki Level 1 & 2 

Topics include 

•Review of Usui's technique using the Three Pillars of Reiki and Japanese Reiki Techniques

•The Usui Master symbol attunement, to strengthen one's ability with Reiki energy

•The Usui Master symbol, to heighten the effectiveness of other Reiki symbols

•A guided Reiki Moving Meditation, a special meditative exercise that assists in removal of blockages and increases one's positive energy through the use of a balancing, harmonizing and energizing technique

•A guided Reiki meditation to clear and strengthen the mind and expand consciousness

•Advanced techniques to facilitate achievement of goals and resolution of life issues using Reiki to protect yourself and others (e.g. from negativity and psychic attacks)

•ART attunement which will enhance your healing abilities for your Reiki practice with the Usui Master symbol  

•A demonstration and practice on how to use crystals and stones in conjunction with Reiki; utilizing a Reiki grid, to continuously send Reiki to yourself and others, with intentions of sending Reiki for multiple purposes at a distance, past, present and future

•Reiki Psychic Surgery Techniques or Aura Clearing to assist in removing deep negative psychic energy from yourself and others with applied Bio-energy


***Level 3 ( ART )  and Reiki Masters are usually given together but can be done separately upon request .