Rudrashka Bead Quartz and Garnet (For him)


Rudrashka Bead Quartz and Garnet (For him)

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This is an excellent tool for healers and light workers. This is a unisex design can be made for women too. Rudrashka beads are very powerful which can be used to cure physical and emotional disorders. They begin to work on your chakras and healing the mind within the first 48 hours, it is recommended to the wearer to wear them only a few hours a day (great for healing sessions). The clear Quartz has a single point termination pointing downwards for grounding purposes and keeping one attuned with the world, Its purpose are many, it is known to help clear the mind , open communication within the different realms . Its is used in treatment for fevers vertigo especially if made in an elixir, heart disorders ulcers and many more . Garnet the stone of loyalty and devotion, and the stone of health, it is said high priestesses wore them as breast plate. It also serves as a stimulant to the kundalini while maintaining  it balanced.

 ( *Skye-Yoga will be making elixirs )

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This necklace is made for men , but it is a unisex design and can be made for women as well .