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     1 Time Aerial Yoga Skye-Yoga Fit $20     Vinyasa Lyre Aerial Lyre Class $20      Single Classes $18                                    Kids Classes $12        Senior Classes $10        Students w/ I.D. $15

                                                   Class Descriptions

  • Hatha Yoga -  Is the most practiced form of yoga around  world. In Hatha Yoga the Instructor will guide you through small series of  postures (asana) and conscious breathing (Pranayama) in combination with mental focus to develop awareness, strength and flexibility, and relaxation. In a Hatha Yoga Class one learns about oneself through proper alignment and mindful actions within the Body . Hatha Yoga brings balance, strength, Stillness and  a sense of well-being to the practitioner. 

  • Rise and Shine - Yoga is a great way to start your  morning , as this class provides a perfect  balance of meditation , breathing exercises ,  stretching , and toning . This class will alternate between  Hatha Yoga Poses , and  a  Vinyasa Flow .

      * This is an Open level class, advanced students  are welcomed.

  • Skye-Yoga Fit -  is an aerial yoga class that combines yoga on and off the mat with a bit of aerial dance and various fitness moves to strengthen, tone and build confidence on all levels while using the aerial silk hammock. Come experience the art of yoga and dance while flying and feel the challenge that will get your heart rate pumping and your heart smiling.

  • Yoga Wheel - Can be used in tons of different ways, and offers a variety of benefits to different parts of your body , such as  back/shoulder/chest opening and quad/hip flexor stretching. It can also be used as a balance-enhancer and a great assistant for making challenging backbends and arm balances more accessible.This class can take your practice to another level.

     * Bring Your own Wheel 

     Kundalini Meditation Class

  • Kundalini Rising - Here we Practice various Chakra Meditations in Awakening the Kundalini; the fire serpent which is located at the base of your spine. All Meditations are audio guided. Pranayama Exercises,  will be cleansing and uplifting, before we begin. Come awaken the serpent that is sleeping within you and watch yourself and your life slowly transform, from where you want it to be, to WHERE YOU NEED TO BE. Kundalini meditation is a sure way to balance all your chakras where stability of the senses and emotions can be sustained.

        Are you willing and Ready to go deeper and further within yourself ? Are you willing to Explore these      possibilities?

      *$5 DONATION Based Class. 

  • 30/30 Circuit - Now this is a Class that will keep you on your toes literally , as we combine Pilates Tower Reformer exercises for 30 minutes, and then moving into Ballet Barre Method Series for the last 30 minutes  just incase you need to Tone Tighten and Lengthen some more.This is an Open Level class everyone will be challenged.

  • Pilates Ball - Pilates Ball is done on the Mat with a weighted Ball. This is another fun Pilates apparatus that an instructor can use in giving many more options of exercises to choose from. The Ball can be weighted anywhere from 1 lb-5lb. In our class we provide a 1 pound ball to do the many exercises in the Pilates Repetoir challenging  your mind and body in a different way.

       Balls will be provided in class.

  • Pilates Flex Band Intermediate level - This is an Intermediate/Advanced Level Pilates for the Novelist type of a class, you will be challenged both physically and mentally as getting accustomed to this apparatus requires dedication and patience. Are you ready to step up a level from your Basic Beginner Level Mat class? If so, come and join us.

       Flex Bands are provided at the studio 

  • Restore Revitalize Renew - This is not your classical Restorative Yoga class. This was specifically designed for those who are stressed out, feeling anxious, and or just simply exhausted.In this one-hour session, the instructor will place you through various restorative yoga poses that are fully supported by yoga blankets, blocks,  bolsters, and chairs, alleviating the muscles in the body and helping you to promote physical relaxation.The healing practice of Reiki is applied for all purposes each and every individual may need. Breath awareness, and guided meditation assisting you to deepen your experience. The use of essential oils, gentle music, and candles to create the right ambience, so when you close your eyes you can easily transcend Physically and mentally to that place outside of yourself away from yourself. In this class Hands ON adjustments are applied.

      Reiki Healing, Crystals, and the use of Essential Oils are used, If you wish not to partake in any of these      listed please kindly let the instructor know prior to class .T.Y.

  • Pre-Natal Yoga -  Is yet another way to stay healthy and in shape safely, with no impact on the joints .  This class will help you to breath deeply which also will be useful during labor. Yogic breathing technique has been proven to help the body deal with stress by lowering the heart rate and lowering blood pressure.  This can also help new moms when babies are born.  Above all taking a prenatal yoga class allows you to meet other pregnant woman and become apart of Skye-yoga community :-) 

       Because the bonding really  begins at conception.

  • Pre-Natal Pilates - This is an excellent and safe way to stay healthy during pregnancy, helping you to maintain your strength and flexibility.  This class was designed for every level and stage of pregnancy. Students learn breathing techniques that will help you with labor and teach you to keep the pelvic floor muscles strong.  We help you to understand core strength so when pushing during labor.  Prenatal Pilates has also been sited to help in the prevention of diastsis. The best part of the class is that mother-to-be will work on the rest part of your body as well.  

       Bring yourself and your belly to the care of Skye -yoga.

  • Vinyasa Yoga -  Vinyasa Yoga Is Just a little upbeat as the music guides you and your breath in and out of asanas ( yoga postures ). This class will give you a workout, a sense of choreography with various yoga poses, and you might work up a sweat too. 

  • Vinyasa Lyre Challenge - Always wondered what it felt like to be in one of those circles hanging from above in  every circus? Well wonder no more, here at Skye-Yoga studio we provide a class that combines Aerial Lyre acrobatics, and yoga for the in between ( rest time ). This class is extremely demanding of you and your strength . you will become toned and your flexibility will improve vastly. 

       Aerial Lyres are provided at the studio.

      This class is limited, please call or email to confirm space.

                              Kids Aerial Yoga Classes 


  • Kids Aerial Yoga - Kids Aerial Yoga Fun Is a class where part of it consists of Traditional Hatha Yoga to prevent any type of motion sickness from constant movement, but mostly Aerial Yoga Fun is incorporated into this class. The Aerial Yoga Hammocks are well supported and easier to use, do to the fact that the hammock is always accessible for one to rest in when needed.

                      Kids Aerial Yoga Classes - Monday / Thursday  4:30p-5:30p

  • Kids Lyre Challenge - This Class is especially designed for kids to experience and explore the challenge in learning the Aerial Lyre Apparatus. The Height in our studio is only 15 ft , which happens to be, just right for a newbie to begin their practice in the Aerial Arts. This class is quite challenging and a lot of fun as the child's mind begins to get stimulated and adventures with all the possibilities that ones body is capable of achieving. While leaving them with the desire to want to explore more. This is a wonderful way children to begin and or to continue to learn how to tune into themselves, their bodies while learning and exploring boundaries simultaneously.

                      Kids Aerial lyre Challenge Classes - Tuesday / Friday 4:30p-5:30p

  • Kids Yoga On and Off The Mat - In this Class the children not only learn to do yoga, they also learn the benefits of it and why it is a good discipline to turn to when coping with all challenges we all encounter eventually in our busy little lives. Every class is taught differently, and a new approach is applied, so that everyone can learn and benefit from. They learn how to incorporate their practice, into their lives, if this is an approach you as the parent apply yourself into your own lives then this is the right class for your child.

                     Kids Yoga on and Off the Mat Classes - Saturday / Sunday 10:00a

   Senior Yoga 

  • Senior Yoga -  This Yoga class is perfect for seniors as it helps to develop and maintain core strength and balance which reduces the risk of fall-related injuries. In this class, one learn to breathe, and stretching techniques that will help you cope with alleviating symptoms such as menopause, stress, and anxiety. Yoga is an Exercise that helps Seniors feel younger and helps improve the quality of their lives. 

      A chair will be provided at the studio for this class.

    Full Moon Yoga

  • Full Moon Yoga Flow w Live Music - This Full Moon Yoga event is filled with live music, candles and a creative flow that is sequenced according to the phases and vibration for each Month and each Moon. This is fantastic for those willing to step out of the ordinary routine on a full moon evening and the path to inner self-work. In this hour we try to fill it with Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Pranayama Techniques and Meditation. All you need is to bring yourself and let us do the rest as you feel and listen to the gentle music flowing through our musicians as they guide you in and out of your Asanas.

                    Full Moon Yoga Dates      2017/2018 

  • September 6/2017       9p-10p   Full Corn Moon

  • October     5/2017        9p-10p  Full Harvest Moon 

  • November 4/2017         9p-10p  Full Beaver Moon

  • December 3/2017         9p-10p  Full Cold Moon

  • January     1/2018         9p-10p  Full Wolf Moon

  • January    31/2018        9p-10p  Full Blue Moon

  • March        1/2018         9p-10p  Full Warm Moon

  • March      31/2018         9p-10p  Full Blue Moon

  • April        29/2018        9p-10p  Full Pink Moon

  • May         29/2018        9p-10p  Full Flower Moon

  • June        28/2018        9p-10p  Full Strawberry Moon

  • July         27/2018        9p-10p  Full Buck Moon

****Please Always Confirm Space Availability prior to your arrival.



  • 10 to Midnight Yoga


  • Lunch Time Specials - This class is specifically designed in an express format where all sessions run anywhere from 45 up to 50 min. This allows enough time to take a quick shower before returning to work.


  • Breathing Techniques


  • Reiki Healing Circle Every Last Sunday or Every Month - This gathering for the Reiki Share is condoned every last Sunday of every Month. All who want to experience the frequency and the vibration offered this is a good place to begin. Reiki Healers and Non Healers are welcomed to this event. We begin with a brief introduction of each other, then meditation that lasts a minimum of 10 min, then we begin to perform Reiki on each other or for those in need in foreign places. Reiki discussion is encouraged, and all questions will try to be answered. Please REMEMBER to confirm prior to your arrival. 


                      Healing Circle Dates Last Sunday of Every Month 2017/2018

    ** Tea and Cookies Provided for each Gathering , sometime this event can go a little over the hour.  

  •     September 24/2017        6-7pm

  •     October 29/2017              5-6pm

  •     November 26/2017         6-7pm

  •     December 24/2017         5-6pm

  •    January 28/2018              6-7pm

  •    February 25/2018            5-6pm

  •     March 25/2018                6-7pm

  •     April 29/2018                   5-6pm

  •     May 27/2018                    6-7pm

  •     June 24/2018                   5-6pm

  •     July 29/2018                    6-7pm

                                                **Donation Based Event a Minimum of $5

                                                            *25%of Donations go to Charity Navigator- Doctor's Without Border's Fund.


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Senior Single class Purchase

Senior Yoga -  This Yoga class is perfect for seniors as it helps to develop and maintain core strength and balance which reduces the risk of fall-related injuries. In this class, one learns a variety of yogic breathing techniques, stretching techniques that will help you cope with alleviating symptoms such as menopause, stress, and anxiety. Yoga is an Exercise that helps Seniors feel younger and helps improve the quality of their lives. 

A chair will be provided at the studio for this class.

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