Beginning the journey of a special union on a fit and healthy start is a good way to enter any lifetime commitment. Honestly Now a days hiring a male stripper or drinking till one is literally physically sick can be a little out dated and overly done.

          This  event is specifically designed for all beautiful and bashful brides to be , It is for the bride who is spiritually driven and seeking for a deeper and meaningful connection with her closest friends . This is a special day in every woman's life , and for most they have been planning on this occasion , since they where little girls .

          Conscious and Healthy Living is where most people focus can be directed now a days for example -  taking a cooking class and then enjoying dinner with a bottle in the end  , an art class filled with creativity and fun and an empty canvas that becomes filled with art created by you , a strip tease course that can teach one the art of seduction and a little black book filled with new moves  , a pole dancing class that can have any one desiring the need to have their own pole . Even a yoga class with tea cookies tons of time for pictures . These are just a few options for one to choose from in these modern times . 

Here at Skye-Yoga Llc this event is designed for the bride that is committed to herself and her own personal self development , one that is willing to share a bonding experience of mind body unification while learning how to continue to cater to her ever evolving lifestyle . One should know that adding a yoga class before drinking or partying , will elevate everyones Metabolism which then can help one to consciously chose to drink less . 

We try to cover in teaching and discussing just a few simple techniques for stress reduction that can be useful to cope with any type of jitters that may arise on thee day .

One leaves this event feeling a sense of sensuality , a positive body image and a whole bunch of self confidence . We are hoping to help women in rediscovering their own bodies as they currently are physically , and internally , and also learning how to identify muscles and movements never used before . Teaching the body a new kind of flow where one gets to explore a forbidden kind of body language , that may have been prohibited by ones self or another . 

 We offer here at Skye-Yoga Llc  Bachelorette Parties , and Bridal shower packages that include a delicious organic menu with a selection of vegetarian options to choose from .

The location also offers  incredible views of the Hudson River 

 For booking please go to  or call Adelaide 917 414 4155 for info .